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The Radon Reduction Experts 



  • Guaranteed Results

  • 10 year Limited Warranty

  • Warranty Transfers to Next Owner

  • Years of Experience

Iowa and Wisconsin Residents Special 
Standard Mitigation $850*


We guarantee that your radon will be below the EPA recommendation of 4 picuries/liter after we install our reduction system.  
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Qualified Technicians

Qualified to remove high levels of radon from your home.  We are experienced and trained to make your home safe from the threat of radon.


  Radon Mitigation Quote Request

Please submit this form, then call me.  I am a licensed full time Radon Professional.  Much of the time I am working on a job.  Call me on the toll free line below to ring my office and cell phone.  Normally I will quote over the phone.  In some cases I will request a visit to your home.
Thanks, Jon

Toll Free: 1-866-349-7236


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*Subslab system with one suction point. 
If your home has a sump, block walls, is a 2 story, or over 10 years old, the cost higher.
Home must be in an area serviced by iowaradon.com or radonamerica.com


Common EPA Approved Radon Removal Methods

Sub Slab Depressurization

Homes act like a chimney creating a strong vacuum on the soil beneath and around the home. Radon is then drawn through small and large openings which are in contact with the soil.   In homes with concrete basement floors suction is applied under the floor, the radon gas is vented to the outside before it can enter the home. This method is the most effective, and requires a thorough diagnostic checking to determine the best method of installation.  Many factors are considered.  Such as home construction, climate, number of suction points, and equipment sizing.


Sub Membrane Depressurization

In homes with crawl spaces or dirt floors, a membrane is installed.  Then suction is applied under the membrane to remove the radon before it enters the home.  This method is similar to Sub Slab Depressurization, but uses a membrane.  This method requires more time to install, so it normally costs more than Sub Slab Depressurization.


Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV)

Energy recovery ventilation is a way of introducing fresh air into a building and removing the old air while keeping the temperature  and humidity consistent inside.  High efficient units are available.  These units lower the radon as well as provide relief for asthma and allergy sufferers.  This method may gain popularity as people continue to build homes that restrict the flow of fresh air into the home.


ERV links

U.S. Department of Energy


Ohio State University

Home Energy Magazine


Cross Ventilation

In homes where suction is not an option, cross ventilation can be used.  However this is the least used method, because of increased heating and air-conditioning cost requirements.  

The buildings structure, and materials will determine the best method to use.

RadonAmerica can determine the best method to reduce radon for your home.



Purchasing Information

Payment, Specifications, and Pricing: Check or Money Order payable to American Radon, in U.S. dollars. Items will be shipped upon receipt of money orders. Checks have a seven day clearing time before shipment. Specifications and Pricing are subject to change without notice.

Shipping and Handling: All orders shipped FOB our warehouse. Purchaser receives title to shipment when transferred to shipper.  All orders shipped via UPS or usps ground, unless otherwise specified. To expedite orders, specify UPS Next Day Air, UPS Second Day Air, or UPS Three Day Select. Expedite shipping cost will be included in the shipping charges.

Warranties: All warranties represented are manufacturers warranties. All warranty claims after 30 days from purchase date are covered by the manufacturer.

Returns: Items returned within 30 days, and are in original packaging and can go directly to shelf, are subject to a 20% restocking charge. Defective items require a return authorization number. Please call for a return authorization number. All returns will be shipped prepaid. Items shipped without a return authorization or with freight charges due will not be accepted.

*This offer good for systems installed by American Radon. Offer does not apply to systems installed by our affiliates. 





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